Converting a Flat Pattern to Round Pattern

Hi I have this great pattern that is intended to be knit flat, I would prefer to kit it in the round… could someome please help me modify my pattern so I could knit it in the round… I am unsure how to modify correctly since the pattern has increase and decreases…


We need a little more information - what item, what stitches are used? If you can link to the pattern or to a picture that will help a lot.

The type of item is very important…!!! It is a hat, I am unsure if the pattern has extra stitches to accomodate for the seam.

This is the beginning of the patter…

  1. Cast on 112 Stitches
  2. Rows 1-12 Knit 1x1 Rib Stitch
  3. Knit 29 Rows in Stocking Stitch

The End has decreaes…

Decrease Row 2
14. Purl 2 stitches, p2tog (Repeat to the end)
15. Knit 1 row
16. Purl 2 stitches, p2tog (Repeat to the end)
17. Knit 1 row
18. Purl 1 stitches, p2tog (Repeat to the end)
19. Knit 1 Row
20. Purl 1 stitch, p2tog (Repeat to the end)
21. Knit 1 Row
22. P2tog, (Repeat to the end)
23. Knit 1 row

Thanks for your help!!

Okay, this is very easy to change. CO 12 Stitches, join and begin the 1x1 Rib St for 12 rounds, then knit 29 Rows in Stockinette St. For the decrease rounds, change to k2, k2tog all the way around (or k1 k2tog) and knit the rounds in between the dec rounds.

Very easy modifications! Thanks!! So I would still cast on the same number of stitches? How do I know if there were original extra stitches to accomodate for the joining seam?

I meant CO 112, of course, not 12 - geeeze…

And I read over my posts before sending them too.

I think 2 sts are not going to make much difference, you can use 110 if you wish, but 2 sts are barely half an inch so that shouldn’t change the fit much.