Converting a flat knit pattern into knitting in the round

I found this pattern stitch called Double Eyelet Rib. it has 4 rows of knitting and purl,set up like this p2*k5 p2 to end of round
Row two is K2 purl 5 k2 to end of round. Row 3 is p2k2to,yo, k1, yo, sl 1 psso p2 repeat from * to end of round Row 4 is a repeat of row 2. My question is on the even rows where the Purl stitches are knit, I just replace with purl to keep knitting in the round?

For the even rows, just switch knits for purls and vice versa. The even rows will then be P2,* k5, p2 to end of round…

Very pretty stitch pattern:

Thank you Salmonmac, I thought that was what it would be but wasn’t sure. I am using it for my daughter-in-law’s Christmas hat. She likes it to be a little bit of slouchy and venilated. I always use a stitch pattern that has a lot of yarn overs so it is very cool if she has a bad hair day , she can wear the hat an no one will say athing. her co-workers always like to see what designe she wears next.

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I had to restart this hat twice to due a problem with the pattern . If knitting it flat you need the plus 2 stitches at the end to balance the pattern but I found that I had to eliminate those 2 stitches because it was causing the beginning and ending of the round to be wider than the other purled areas. So to use this pattern to knit in the round you only need an multiple of 7. I hope this helps who ever wants to use it in knitting in the round.