Converting a chart

Hello. I have a chart that is written for Crochet. I want to convert it to knitting. Does anyone know how to do this?


I believe there are a few sites on the internet that say they help with such conversions. I’m not thinking of charts exactly, but patterns. Do a search and see what you find. Howerver I don’t think you can really convert stitches from one craft to another exactly. What you could do is to look through some knitting stitch books or sights and find a stitch that has the effect you are looking for and substitute it for your crochet stitch.

Theknittingfool has some stitches online and so does knittingpatterncentral, I think.

Wouldn’t converting a pattern be the same thing, or are you talking about one where the stitches are written out instead of drawn?

You can’t convert in the traditional sense. What you need to do is find a stitch pattern that you want to use/are happy with for your fabric, and find your tension.
Then translate the dimensions of the pieces of fabric into your stitch pattern.

e.g. crochet pattern is a triangular shawl. How big is it (the finished measurements)? The final measurements may not be given, the pattern may just say that 10cm/4 inches = let’s say 20 stitches.
Then you see that the crochet pattern has you start with one stitch, increasing to 250 stitches after 230 rows. They should tell you the size of rows and stitches, so how big is 250 stitches and 230 rows?
Now do a practice square in the knitting stitch you want to use. How big is a stitch and a row?
Now work out how many stitches and how many rows you need inb knitting to achieve the same size and shape.