Convertible mitten pattern help

Hello! I am working on this convertible mitten pattern, and am at the part where I have casted off sts to make the ‘convertible’ part, but don’t understand the casting on part. I’m trying to attach a pic but can’t so here is the link. I’m at the part where it says, ‘mitten top-rejoin yarn’…maybe a different way of explaining it will help?

Thanks a bunch!

To ‘join’ or ‘rejoin’ yarn, just leave a tail and start knitting with it, especially since you start with the cast on. You could use a knit CO rather than backward loop, but basically CO the sts with a new yarn end, then purl the mitt sts, CO again and you’ll join them on the next round.

Oh man, I am so sorry but I don’t get it. See, I have the tail, but it’s literally not adjacent to either needle. I am going to try to attach a picture so you can understand.

Does this Facebook link work so you can see my photo? The reply on this website won’t let me upload the jpg

The link didn’t work for me. You just use a separate end of yarn, as if you were going to cast on a totally different piece. It’s not supposed to be attached to the stitches you just did, or one the needle, that’s why the pattern says ‘break yarn’.

The miten top starts as a completely separate piece so you begin with the cast on to the needle that doesn’t have sts on it. Cast on 7 (9)sts depending on the size you’re making, with the needle in your right hand and purl the 16 or 18 sts that are resting on the other needle and then cast on another 7sts (9). right next to the sts you’ve just purled.