Convertible Mitten Flap

I am knitting convertible mittens for the first time using the pattern in Not Just More Socks. The instructions to work the flap is as follows:

CO 34 (38) sts. Pick up 30 (34) sts in purl bumps across back of hand - 64 (72) sts. Join into a circle. Work in K2 P2 ribbing for 1".

…pretty basic. However, I can not get my brain around working the top in the right direction. Whether I cast on from the thumb or the pinkie I end up working from the inside, so that I’m actually knitting the cap inside-out. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, can someone please give me specific instructions on where I should be picking up the stitches, from what direction (with the fingers facing toward or away), and how to arrange my needles so that I end up with a proper, functional cap?

Thanks so much!

Cast on to the needle with your working yarn and knit around the outside/RS of the knitting. When you pick up the sts the knit side should be facing you. The working needles and yarn should be closest to you, not away from you, as shown in these 2 pictures (which is with circs, but it’s the same).