convert stitch pattern to top-down

I’m interested in cables, cross-overs or other complicated stitches.

You can convert cables and twists from bottom up to top down. Lace patterns, because of the use of yarn overs, aren’t easily converted. Did you have a particular sweater pattern in mind?

Yes, Patterns #162, 163 in JAPANESE KNITTING STITCH BIBLE.

A very few of the patterns are on Ravelry, sadly not that one. The patterns do look beautiful. You can always give it a try on a swatch.

thanks. I have, but not successfully.

What did you do? I looked the patterns up – I agree, lovely. I’d love to know what does not work.

I want to do it top-down, and it doesn’t look similar enough to bottom up.

For pattern #32, to do it top-down I couldn’t get rows 13-24 to look decent, so I only did rows 12-1. Any suggestions about the YO’s and how to get them to look decent working top-down? [I’ve done the body of the sweater in the traditional knit-up]

And suggestions?