Convert shoulder shaping to 3 needle bind off

I want to do a 3 needle bind off
My pattern says
Shape shoulders
Cast off 10 sts at the beg of next 6 rows.
Cast off rem 43 sts

So do I just knit accross the 6 rows of bind offs without binding off and then just bind off the 43 sts when I get to them
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How about short rows? Instead of binding off, on the previous row stop and turn when you have 10 sts left, then 20, 30, etc until you’ve got all 103 stitches left. Then put on a holder until you’re ready to do the BO


I have never done short rows before and would like to learn. Isn’t short rows for making a gusset? How is short rows done for shoulder shaping?

Short rows can be done for shoulder shaping as well as for increasing in the bust area, heels, and just shaping in general.

For how to do it for shoulders, reread the post where I suggested it. You would work across the back, stop a few stitches from the armhole edge, turn, work across, stop when you have the same number of stitches left on the other edge, turn, work until the same number of stitches from the previous turn (not the edge, where you turned before) and turn again. Repeat.

For a pattern that uses short row shaping, look up Calorimetry from Knitty. It’s a headband/half hat pattern that curves from the shaping.


Is this the front or the back of the sweater?


Since the pattern states BO 10 sts at the beginning of the next 6 rows and ends up with 43 stitches (which would be 103 originally) I’m thinking it must be the back.


I am not really understanding how you are suppose to do this, so I will have to wait until I get to that point on my sweater so I can see what it is doing. What happens to all the sts that you left and did not knit?

You can either do one last row with them and pick them all up, or leave them for the 3 needle BO.


It’s the back.So I can’t just knit the sts till I get to the neck bind off and then put them no st holders?Do the short rows do the shaping that I won’t get with just knitting them?Guess I don’t understand why the short rows?Usually I just follow what the pattern says.


Yes, the short rows take care of the shaping for the back of the shoulders.
You’ll end up with the 30 shoulder stitches on each side having a gentle slope up from the outside edge of the shoulder toward the neck.

I’d just leave them on the needle until you bind off the 43 back of the neck stitches, then slip each set of 30 onto waste yarn until you’re ready to do the 3 needle bind off.

If you think about the original instructions when you BO the 10 stitches at the beginning of each row you are then knitting 10 less stitches on each subsequent row. By doing short rows you just don’t knit those ten stitches instead of decreasing by binding off.

You also get a smoother shoulder line than the ‘stair step’ look you sometimes get by binding off.

Hope this helps!


The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques has a great chapter on short row shaping in anticipation of 3 needle bind off.

You do work up to the last 10 stitches, w&t, work back across to the last 10, w&t, then to the last 20 w&t, etc. On the final row, work across and pick up all the wraps.

Mary–Thank you

Ingrid-- I have my book on the coffee table all the time :heart: Use it all the time too :cheering:

I get the whole picture now thanks for your help :happydance:

You leave those stitches unworked kinda like they would be if you’d bound them off in the original pattern.


Is this the same as Amy’s sloped BO?

I think so, yes. I’m not really familiar with it, but I remember Ingrid explaining it to you some time back and it’s the same principle.


I remember asking Ingrid about sloped BO a while back but she suggested that I learn what a pattern is doing by BO at each end first. She is so wise because I think I really would have been more confused if I tried to do slope BO. Now that I dont have to ask about what a BO at each end means I think I might try it on the sweater I am working on, once I get to that point. I will try Amy’s method because of the video. I just did not realize to sloped and short row is the same. Thank you

They’re not quite the same though they’re prepared the same way. In the sloped BO, you leave the stitches on the needle and BO like normal. In a 3 needle BO, you leave the stitches on the needle, but wait until the front shoulder is done, and BO both front and back together.