Convert or Resize Pattern?

Not even begun and already I know I’m nuts. So I have, thus far, found two pattern for a pair of shorts I want to make. Here’s where it gets tricky. One pattern is a crochet pattern (I knit) and the other pattern is for some tiny thing (NOT me).

I’m curious as to, in all you guys’ experience, which is the least insane route to take… convert from crochet to knitting OR resize the tiny pattern to something that will fit my less-than-Kate Moss-like frame.


By golly, I think I found a solution. I found a pattern that has my size but that I don’t care for much of the pattern BUT I am going to try and use that as a guide as to how many stitches, etc to get size I want. As for the design, I think I’m going to try and convert this crochet pattern that I really like.

So, although not pulling this pattern COMPLETELY out of my butt, does this constitute as my writing a pattern? If so, “Holy smokes, Batman!”.

Next question, however, is if it is okay for me to share the pattern, if it works, with all of you inc ase you want to make it as well. THanks.

Sounds like designing to me! I’m not a lawyer but I think the resulting pattern as you write it out will be yours.

Sounds more like you are using the other patterns for inspiration/learning so the resulting pattern should be original.