Convert from in the round to flat?

I’m confused for some reason on the project I’m working on. I prefer to knit flat, not in the round. My pattern is in the round. So when the pattern say’s to knit 1 round, purl 2 rounds, knit 2 rounds… Do I still do what it says? Because in the round knitting you don’t turn to work the wrong side, your always working on the right side. Just not sure if I should be knitting or purling… Help?

When it says to knit on a RS, you knit, and when it says to knit on a WS, you purl, and if it says to purl on a RS, you purl and when it says to purl on a WS you knit. I think.

It’s confusing, but basically, you start with row number 1, and you change “knit” or “purl” on every even row (2,4,6,8,…) into the opposite, but you leave the directions for the odd rows (1,3,5,7,…) as they are.

It might help to know a little bit more about the pattern, so if you have a link that would help. Is it knit in the round and you want to knit flat, or the other way?

If it’s a simple pattern you might be able to find one that is already knit flat. :think:

Blue is right about the conversion.

An other difference, garter stitch worked in the round is flatter than when worked on straight needles. So you may have to add rows to get the needed length.

Most patterns worked in the round, can be easily translated for straight needles. But there are a few exceptions. A pattern with a repeat that shifts will be harder.

For example, I made a floating cable hat. The start marker was offset by 4 or 5 stitches every round. And had decreases in between. And had a different stitch pattern on each row. I would have had trouble converting this pattern.

Another thing, I would maybe add a selvage stitch or two to the border, for sewing it together afterwards, so that the measurement remains more or less the same.