Convert flat to round - beanie

Hi, I’m knitting a beanie and have tried to convert the pattern to be knitted in the round. As far as I know the WS rows are worked in the opposite stitch?

Do you have to deduct 2 stitches? I’ve read somewhere that flat patterns have 2 extra stitches worked in as selvedge stitches?

I’ve CO 52 stitches and the 7 st repeat of the pattern fits perfectly with this amount of stitches.

Will the pattern still work if I haven’t let two stitches go? I’ve only done the rib section, so, I can still change the body into something else if this won’t work.

Thank you so much :blush:

Hats knit back and forth often make allowances for the seam sts. You don’t have to take out those sts unless they interrupt the pattern repeat.
There must be some extra sts outside the pattern repeat in your hat since the stitch number isn’t exactly divisible by 7.
What is the name of the pattern?

Thank you.
It’s actually not a pattern written for a beanie, just a pattern I want to use in a beanie.
It’s from and the pattern is the Eyelet Mock Cable. - the cream coloured one.

I thought it could work since you cast on multiples of 5 + 2.

Very pretty stitch pattern. Yes, the 5 +2 (a 5 stitch repeat) for 52sts cast on will give you 2 extra sts for a seam or faux seam. You could simply cast on a multiple of 5 when knitting in the round unless you want a pause of 2 sts in the pattern.

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Thank you so much, this really helps a lot. I think I’ll go for the multiple of 5 then. :smiley: