Convert Flat pattern to Circular?

I am knitting “snakes” for the holidays that people can use to block the drafts from their doors. The pattern I’m following calls for this to be knitted flat and then seamed. I’m thinking there has to be a way to knit this thing in the round but I don’t know what I’ll need to change as it calls for use of both knit and purl and increase stitches. From my understanding when knitting in the round, all knit stitches will turn out like stockinette?

Any advice will be great!

Yes, when knitting in the round all knit stitches are stockinette. If your snake is all stockinette then you have no more purling to do. The increases will all be on the knit side.

What pattern are you using?

I’d certainly go with knitting in the round for those! Just knit all the stitches and you’ll get stockinette. As for the decreases, a k2tog will give you a right-leaning decrease and a ssk will give you a left leaning decrease.

I’m not sure what your pattern has you do with the decreases, but when you get to that point, you’ll be better able to see what should go where.

The pattern I’m using comes from the book by Zoe Mellor called “Knitted Toys”. The snake is actually a kids toy but I figured it would make a great draft fighter for the bottom door jams.