Convert crochet pattern to knit?

Is there a way to convert a pattern written for crochet into a knit pattern? I just saw a new yarn by Red Heart called Red Heart Team Spirit and they have a few free patterns for the yarn. They show a throw which I would love to make but I only know how to knit, of course the pattern for that project they only show the crochet version. Is there a way to figure out how to knit it instead? Thanks!

Do you have a link to a picture of it and what makes this pattern unique? It could be just the yarn, and you might get the same effect with a knit stitch pattern.

It is the yarn that makes it look good. Self-striping, I just like the way it looked. I am sure there is a picture in other places but this site shows it, the one on the left.

They have a lot of team colors paired up so it would be a fun thing to do up for sport fans. I would have no idea how much yarn to get compared to what the crochet pattern might recommend either.

Thanks, that helps. It’s a ripple pattern in crochet that you can do as a knit chevron ripple. Here’s one pattern that uses 2 different colors, but you can just do it in the single variegated one and it should come out very similar to the crocheted one.