Convert crochet pattern into knitting?

hi everyone, i just seen a member that knit this purse and i fell in love with it. my brothers fiancee is graduating in about a month and i would love to make it for her as a gift but i dont know how to crochet at all!!! Is it possible to convert that parts that need to be crocheted so that they can be knit??? and if sooooo can someone tell me how and what to do??? i’d appreciate any help you can give me!!! thanks soooo much

heres the link

I found this.

Also this.

I’ve never attempted it, though.

thanks ingrid they seem like really good instructions i just have to figure out what they mean lool. :slight_smile:

The crochet part of the pattern is just creating a rectangle bottom. I assume you can replace that with a knitted rectangle of st st, though it may be more stretchy than a crocheted bottom. I am just a beginner knitter, but a fairly experienced crocheter, and so my guess is that is why they are having you crochet the bottom of the bag.

If it’s just a really solid bottom you want, you could always use this pattern stitch

K1. yf Sl1P yb. Repeat for all but the last two on the needle. K2.
next row
P1. yb Sl1P yf. Repeat for all but the last two on the needle. P2

Use the M1 to increase and either K2tog or SSK to decrease according to your pattern

I did Lily Sugar’n Cream Back Pack from and that is what they called for on the bottom of the bag. It is a very solid bottom.

Cute purse!