Have a pattern that I made for a 3 month old (its a hat). I used US 6 kneedles. I want to make it adult size but I want to use the exact same pattern so I wanted to use bigger kneedles but not sure what size to use. I was thinking US 8. There are 88 sts in the round. I’m going to measure if after a few rows to check but was wondering before I start if this sounds about right?

Using larger needles will make the hat larger.

But, at some point if you are using the same yarn as for the child’s hat, the adult hat will start to become lacey/holey, which may not be what you want in a hat.

If you want the hat to use the same yarn as the child’s hat and to have the same thickness/texture, then you should use the same size needles, but cast on more stitches. How many to cast on will depend on the desired circumference and whether or not the child’s pattern is a multiple of some number.

I agree…lacy may not be what you want if it’s for warmth.

That seems like a lot of stitches for a 3 mos old baby hat. What weight yarn did you use? For adults I usually use worsted weight and cast on 80 or so.

I should also point out that there are hundreds of hat patterns for various sizes. If it’s just a basic hat in stockinette stitch we can direct you to hats in adult sizes.

88 sts and fingering sounds about right for a baby hat. I think the same 88 on a size 7 or 8 needle and worsted weight may be about right.

Evapche, you need to figure out your sts per inch with the heavier yarn and the needles to see how many inches 88 sts will give you. For an adult hat you need about 19-21" worth.

Sue is right, but it helps if you let us know what weight yarn you want to use and a link to what pattern you are using if possible.