Conversion needles

I want to change a pattern from double point needles to just plain single point how can I do this?

Is it worked in the round? What is it? Can you link to the pattern or give it’s name, where you got it?

Just a regular cable knit hat / beret pattern on Red Heart app I am just not ready for circular or double point needles I also want to make a mondo cable knit hat I love to cable

Per the pattern, is it worked in the round? What’s the name of the pattern, we might be able to find it online.

If it’s worked in the round, it may be more problem to convert it than to use circulars.

You may need an extra stitch or two for seaming, the even rows in the pattern would have to be worked in the opposite stitches and possibly from the end of the row to the beginning unless it’s just a simple rib or stockinette stitch. If you give us more information, we can help you a lot easier.

Any hints? I just want to knit a cute cable knit hat using single point straight needles

Not that I am aware of it is the cable knit beret patterns on Red Heart and Lion Brand apps

Some of the basic beret patterns on Lion Brand app

The RH and Lion [I]websites[/I] have lots of hat patterns on each one and wouldn’t have the same ones. We can’t access ‘apps’ so that doesn’t explain much - what’s the actual name of it?

With a cable pattern, the stitches cross on the RS rows, and the rest of the rows are similar to ribbing usually.

I am basically still fairly new to knitting and am very comfortable with straight one point needles

At I find 6 pages of hat patterns. Is it one of them?

If you can knit a straight line, you can knit on circulars or dpns. All you do is keep knitting around and around, you never even have to turn your work. Most hat patterns that I’m aware of are written for knitting in the round. If you go to you might find some written for working flat, you can define your search parameters to show hats knitted flat.

Simple beret and scarf is the name

There’s still too many by that name, which site - Lion or Red Heart?