Conversion from flat to circular knitting

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I have just knitted Personalised Christmas Stocking by Sarah Gasson. This is a flat knitting pattern. I would like to knit Christmas Stocking also by Sarag Gasson but knit it in the round. I have looked on various sites online, also you tube videos about converting patterns and charts but I am a slow learner when it comes to knitting! So far I believe I have to cast on 2 less stitches and all purl rows are knit rounds. I would like to know whether all other rows/rounds remain the same as the flat pattern or are they reversed? I would like to change the tree motif chart for a medieval heart chart (medieval heart chart by Crystal Guistinello) . Do I reverse this chart eg round 1 become round 19?
Sorry for the number of questions. I’m so chuffed at knitting the personalised Christmas stocking (even though I knit the capital C backwards!) I’ve never knitted a sock before!

With grateful thanks

There are lots of Sarah Gasson patterns on Ravelry but I couldn’t find the Christmas stocking. If you’re knitting this as stranded knitting you should be able to knit the chart as given, all knit rounds. Read all the chart rows from right to left.
If the original pattern is knit using intarsia (larger blocks of a color) then you’ll need short rows to get it to work. Stranded knitting will be fine.
The heart pattern should work depending on the size of the tree. Make sure there are enough rows and columns to fit the heart.

The heel of the stocking may need to be worked differently in the round, depending on the instructions for the heel worked flat.

Dear salmonmac

Thank you for such a prompt response to my queries. With regard to the heart chart - the stocking is knit from the cuff down, do I start knitting from round 19 to round 1?

Thank you.

Yes, reverse the chart for cuff down.

Thank you. Have a great week!

Dear salmonmac
I’ve now reached the instructions for the heel and I’m using Sarah Gasson’s Personalised Christmas Stocking now. Do I follow the instructions as they are but change each wrong side row to reverse eg. ws in flat: s/1, p24, yb, s/1, yf,turn now converts to s/1, k24, yf, s/1, yb, turn ?

Thank you so much.

It looks like the seam runs up the front of the stocking (if you were wearing it). If so, then you would work the heel as given in the directions.
You might put in a lifeline and try this to see how it works. If necessary, you can rip back to the lifeline and re-do.

Thank you, salmonmac for all your help and for giving it so quickly. I’ll try this. My lifeline is already in!

Hi salmonmac,
Thank you for all your help. I have finally finished the stocking in the round! From this I have learned to cast on to two circs, learned the hard way, to hold my floats less tightly, to knit the heel following the pattern instructions because the seam was at the front (need to try and work that out!), 9 (yes 9) attempts at knitting heel, the heel of the sock I knitted flat turned out better so much more practice needed, the poinsettia pattern - perhaps I needed to reverse the instructions as the pattern looks like medieval cross stitch. That’s not too bad as I changed the initials to a pattern of a medieval heart and last but not least, the toe is ok.

Once again, a heartfelt 'thank you"

Delighted that it worked out! We’d love to see a photo.
Oh, yes, learning so many new things is a challenge but so satisfying. High five!

I’m trying to work out the best size for photos but not having much luck at the moment! I haven’t had a pc for a year and miss the programmes I had on it. Love my iPad but it’s not the same.

The green sock - I cheated very badly and instead of using the mattress stitch used the sewing machine stitch!! These are my practice socks. I’m starting a new Christmas stocking tonight and will try the Fish Lips Heel this time.

Thanks for all your help, salmonmac.

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Sorry - we’ll just delete the photo attempt"

Those are great Apollo, you did a good job.

Thank you, Red_Kite. I’d love to find a pattern showing an Australian scene or animal as the main design on the leg. Will search the Internet this week for charts.

The stockings are fantastic! Very well done. I like the idea of an Australian figure of some kind. Keep us updated on the next stocking please.

I’d love to know what you decide too. I’ve yet to venture into the world of charts but I’d like to one day.

Thank you salmonmac. Had some small holes at heel on the ‘in the round’ stocking and several stitches appearing where they should’nt (also on the heel section) so need to practice - also going to try the fish lips heel with this next one.

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I enjoy using charts, Red_Kite. I had always thought they were too advanced for me and then one day I purchased a beanie pattern which was mainly charted and knitted a great multi-cabled beanie with a great deal of help and patience from salmonmac. I have used charts a few times since then (quite simple ones) and always enjoy them.

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I think that’s a great way to go. Start with a smaller, simple project and give it a go. I’ve recently started trying more complicated projects and it’s really satisfying when they are done.

Maybe next year will be the year I tackle charts!

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