Controlling the rolling on a roll brim hat

Okay, I’m working on another roll brim hat, this one for the dh.

Here’s my query: how can I control the amount that the stockinette rolls? Can I knit about 1.5" to allow for the lovely roll brim, then do a couple of rows of ribbing to stop the roll, then knit the rest of the hat?

(Note that I do not want to tack the roll down at the point at which I want the roll to stop.)

I ask because on the hats I’ve done so far, the roll brims are taking over my hats! One in particular rolls up at least 4 inches–this will not do! It looks like a deformed beret!

Funny, I discovered this just the other day when I started a hat that had me knit for 10 rows (on circulars) and then do
ONE purl round, then go back to knitting.

That purl row stops the rolling. It’s beautiful. Oh, this is from a pattern by Eliaabeth Zimmerman. It’s actually a beret but I’ve decided to not increase and make it a regular hat.

Try it, it works!

Oh, fantastic! Thanks bunches, Victoise! :happydance: :happydance:

You’re welcome! It looks good too. I"ll post a pic when I’m done.

:cheering: :cheering: