Continue leg pattern down the heel?

I want to continue the leg pattern down the heel flap…but I’m confused.
The leg pattern is in Sailor’s Ribbing. I’m trying to continue to a garter-edged heel in Sailor’s Ribbing.

Pattern directions are from MORE SENSATIONAL KNITTED SOCKS page 21 and 67.
Top down sock on 4dpn
neddle one 20 st
neddle two 15 st
neddle three 35 st Ok I’m ready for the heel flap.

Directions say, Work heel on 34 st, beg with WS row and ending with RS row.Move 1 st from from heel to instep as follows to balance patt on instep.
Unwork last st on needle 3 and place it on needle 1 (ok I did this)
Now needles 1 and 2: Instep sts, needle 3 Heel sts
Sts per needle ( 21 15 34) ( ok I got this)

Heel-Flap with continuation of Leg Pattern with 3-st Garter Edge

Row 1 (WS) K3, work patt on next rnd to last 3 sts, P3. (Remember, first 3 sts are garter st; start patt on 4th st.)
Row 2 p3, work patt to last 3 sts, K3.
Rep rows 1and2

At last the questions; Do I work back and forth on needle
3(heel needle) only?

Do I work in the rnd? If yes, how? With Sailor’s Ribbing or
as above with row 1 WS and row 2.

I hope soneone has the book and can explain this to me.

They say “No crying in knitting” what about “Swearing”?


Linda Jo

ok, I am a total newbie, never knit a sock (yet!) but my sock weight yarn arrived last night, and I’ve been reading about knitting socks for days…

IMO - heel flaps are generally (from what I have read, not done!) worked back and forth. Have you watched the “turning the heel” video here, or checked out silver’s sock tutorial? Both cover this.

Anyway, YES, you would work back and forth - not in the round - on the heel flap ONLY. So you ignor needles 1 and 2, and just go back and forth, back and forth on needle 3. After you turn the heel, you will work the triangular gussets that will rejoin all 3 needles, and work in the round again.


I’ve made about 7 or 8 pairs of socks, and always worked heel back and forth. For some reason I don’t think this pattern is a back and forth one. It does not say sl a st or …pick up a st, so …I think I continue in the rnd but I don’t know how!

Given that they mention RS and WS for the heel flap, it’s almost definitely back and forth. :slight_smile:

(I don’t know if it’s even /possible/ to do it in the round… :?? all the sock patterns I’ve seen have the leg and foot in the round but the heel is always back and forth.)

I’m going to read the pattern AGAIN!

No sl st, how do I pick up!

Oh, sorry I wasn’t any help!

If I may ask, what does the pattern say after the heel flap? (I’m mostly just curious, as everything sock intrigues me right now :wink: )

This is knit flat, I think. You don’t need to slip stitches in order to be able to pick up, many patterns have you picking up without having slipped the stitches. For socks though, yes it is more common.

They should certainly have provided you with the pattern for the sailor’s ribbing - either in chart form (in which case read it for knitting flat) or in words (in which case they should have written it out both for in the flat and in the round). Use that on the heel flap - but only on the middle stitches, the first and last 3 stitches on either side will be just garter stitch.