Continue in pattern?

I’m kniting a pullover in shaker rib (k one row; p1, k1b next row). I’m getting close to where I will shape raglan sleeves and would like to confirm my thoughts on the pattern.

Where the shaping starts, it states (plus the previous line of instruction):

Continue until shaker rib pattern reaches 16in. End with RS facing.
[B]Shape raglan[/B]: Cast off 6 sts beg next 2 rows

Am I right in assuming that after casting off those stitches, I continue the rest of the row(s) in the shaker rib pattern? The next row is explicit since it changes from the shaker rib pattern.

Maybe I’m just being obtuse, but I don’t want to get there and have it be wrong!

Thanks a bunch!

Yes, keep going in the rib pattern.

Thanks! Good to know. This is my first pattern other than scarves and gloves and I don’t want any mistakes.