Contintal purl - What is this madness?

Hey, Jan! :waving:

Pleeeeeze pick up the continental for your ribbing. It’s awesome! Check out this website for a truly clear, effective demonstration of continental knitting, knit and purl.

Once I saw this, my slowish, kinda creaky continental purling got wings! It really cleared up a misconception for me that was holding me back from a smooth transition between knit and purl. This is fantastic! I completed the ribbing on a pair of socks last week so fast I was amazed! I hope you’ll like it, too!

This is such a great site! Everyone on it likes to share and help each other. What a great group!


Believe it or not, I [B]just [/B]got the continental purl! I’ve been trying off and for a while, and thanks to the links you guys provided, the light finally clicked!


I’d been battling with the cursed Conti purl for quite a while and had looked at most of the videos floating around.

It’s this one that finally cut the mustard - it’s the easiest way I’ve come across, plus it demonstrates what can happen with some methods of purling, losing tension, unnecessary finger movement, etc., and all the other related joys of tying your left hand up in knots and/or cutting off the circulation.:help:

What cracked it for me was taking a good look at where exactly the yarn was positioned on her left index finger :thumbsup:-

All the Best

I like the way she does it! Thanks!

Since I finally just got the hang of this one, I decided to do a quick dishcloth in basketweave. Maybe it’s the cotton yarn, but I’m having a hard time keeping my tension. The yarn seems to slide up my finger and get really loose, and I have to keep readjusting. Still, I’m getting some practice in!

If you want to learn it “to learn it” that’s fine. But really, continental isn’t the “end all be all” of knitting. Knit the way you enjoy knitting!!!

Ronda, Dahling! :waving:

I had somewhat the same problem. Try wrapping the yarn a couple of times around your left pinkie and then pulling the thread over the other three fingers, as shown in the video. If I don’t wrap the thread enough times around that pinkie I have the same problem you describe. Experiment with however many wraps you need to be able to maintain your tension without stress.

Lots of luck!

Ruthie :slight_smile:

Oh I love the way she does her continental. I have been doing it now for about 3 months and it is wonderful. I have arthritis in my right hand and wrist.:ick: So I started looking for a new way to knit. By no means was I going to stop knitting. I found that video and I haven’t looked back.
It does take time to get gauge but once you get it wow, I won’t say I am the fastest knitter in the world, but I get the job done.
So keep trying and it will come in time. I have to wrap my yarn a few time and that is the way I do it. I can’t do the one wrap like she does. I lose it and then the rest goes with it.:roflhard::roflhard: I do like continental this way the best.