I learned how to knit the throw method as a child. I have not knitted in many years and recently decided to knit a sweater for a small child. When all the pieces were completed nothing matched. A friend explained it was the tension and I should try the continental method.
I have watched the videos on u-tube and this site but can’t seem to get the wrap right and the tension…any suggestions???:

You don’t have to switch to a different style of knitting, just do a lot of practice with your current method to get the tension more even. With any method, that’s what it takes to become even, lots of knitting. You might check youtube for various ways to hold the yarn and needles and try to get the yarn flowing smoothly through your fingers, that’s the biggest help. Here’s a few english style videos to look at, there’s links to others on those pages:

I’m a Thrower
Knitting english
I’m a "flicker"
That’s How I Do It

Disclaimer - It doesn’t matter which method you knit with… you get to the same place either and one is NOT better than another regardless of what you hear. They are just different.

It’s handy to know both methods for stranded knitting, but not absolutely necessary. I know both, but prefer english for most knitting. Your tension most likely just needs practice. If you really want to learn continental look at different people doing it on You Tube. There are different ways to hold the yarn and to wrap the yarn.