Continental yarnover

I am a beginner knitter and I do continental (taught by my mom). I have a pattern that uses a double yarnover. So I viewed the video and had no problem. But when I went to the purl side, the yo part kind of unraveled and looked bad from the right side. So a friend of mine suggested wrapping the yarn over the needle the opposite way that I usually do and it came out looking good (nice little hole) with no unraveling on the purl side. I hope I’m explaining this alright.

Can someone tell me why this happened? :??

I don’t know what happened, but if it’s working now, go with the opposite wrapping. :thumbsup:

It could be that you did the YO after you made a new knit stitch, but before you pulled the loop through… I’m totally guessing, BTW. Here is a link to Amy’s scarf pattern page: the third one down on the left hand side is made with elongated stitches, which is what I guessed you mihg tbe doing. If youhave time, check it out, and check out the video (which is right under the picture), and see if it’s the same. If it is, we found the solution to the problem, and if not, you’ve learned something new anyway! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply but nope…it didn’t happen that way. I went to your link to check out the elongated stitch. The loose yarn in the yo was horizontal not vertical. And I wasn’t in the middle of a stitch. First there was a K2tog, then yfwd (twice), then into a K2tbl. Also, this is a Rowan pattern (British). Although I’m sure I can’t blame it on the Brit’s !!! Well, at least I am able to make the little hole…which I was very pleased about since I am a beginner.

okie dokie then, it was just a gues. Stick with silver’s suggestion then: keep doing whatever is working :slight_smile: