Continental vs English

I learned to knit English style. I’m trying to teach myself Continental, only because it seems like it might be easier. But when I try to purl continental, my stitches end up twisted. What’s going on?

Check which direction you are wrapping your yarn when you purl. Wrapping your yarn ‘clockwise’, if that makes sense, will give you a twisted stitch.

I also wanted to direct you to Amy’s videos on the purl stitch, in case you hadn’t seen them yet. There is one of a single stitch, close up which is very clear. You will find them top of the page, here:

I knit continental, BUT, could never make a consistant size pearl stitch. I absolutly hated to pearl because it was not perfect, like my knit stitches. Then I watched Amy’s video, the one Knitqueen mentioned, under Basic Tech. I fell in love with her way of doing it. I sat with my laptap watching it over and over, with needles in hand, mimicking every movement. I love to purl now and even just tonight finished my first sock. All because now my pearls are consistant and fast!