Continental v. American Method

Hi, I usually knit continental and I’m practicing american because I’m teaching children so I want to teach them the more comman method. My question is, do I have to stay with one method while I am knitting a project? I am making a multi colored scarf and I started with continetal and switched to american and I am noticing different color patterns in the scarf. Just wondering if I can switch during a project or if I have to stay the same until the scarf is complete.

Thank you!


I only knit using my right hand (American, English–whatever you want to call it). I would think that switching would affect your gauge if nothing else.

I’ve seen books show folks using two colors with both hands. Continental in the left hand holding one color and holding another color in the right doing English/throw/american whatever.

Oops I also meant to say, make a swatch using whatever method first and make sure your gauge is even (if you need gauge to be even) so you can practice

Thanks for your help!