Continental stitch backwards?

I am trying to learn continental knitting, after 50 years of English style.
I find that I knit one row on straight needles just fine, but when I go to knit row 2, the stitches are twisted, so now I have to knit into the back of each stitch, which I do best in English style knitting…I cannot seem to knit into the back of a stitch, continental style. Should I have to?
I need to see a video of someone knitting row 2, continental style.

No that’s combined knitting. You seem to be wrapping the stitches the wrong direction on row 1. Knitting into the back of the sts on the following row untwists them.

Continental is when hold the working yarn in your left hand, english is holding it in your right hand. It doesn’t have anything to do with the stitches themselves.

Here are videos of both continental and english knitting.

Thank you. I have watched the videos. I have knit both styles. If you try knitting two rows of continental stitch yourself, then you might understand what it is I’m trying to describe.

When you get to the second row, look at each stitch and tell me if it looks backwards, so that you need to knit into the back of the stitch instead of the front.

I knit continental and no, my stitches are not backwards. When doing garter every row is knit through the front of each stitch.

As you go into the stitch, the needle should be above the yarn in back. Is there a chance your yarn is over the needle and you then making the loop backwards?

I don’t know of any continental stitch. :?? If it’s an actual stitch do you have a link? I knit english, but I can do continental very slowly. It isn’t backwards though so I’m thinking you must be wrapping the stitch incorrectly. I do that intentionally when I’m ribbing so I do know what it looks like.

Yes, there [B]is[/B] a continental stitch, it’s the same as twisted stockinette. But I think Woodi’s knitting continental and it’s coming out twisted, right? Then yes, that’s because of how you may be wrapping the stitches on the first row.

If I knit in the round, on a circular needle, with all stitches knit, it doesn’t happen. I must be doing something strange…will have to visit my LYS and show somebody.
Thanks everyone, for trying to help.

If that’s the case it makes even more sense that you may be wrapping the stitch incorrectly or inserting the needle through the back loop or something. :think:

I bet you are wrapping your purl stitch the wrong way. I had that problem for a long time and didn’t know it until a knitting instructor pointed it out.

When I first learned to knit, I learned the combined method of knitting (knit in back of stitch, purl stitch is knit opposite of continental.) I saw a lot of knitters and they were knitting into the front of the stitch. I thought I was doing it all wrong and so I adjusted my knit stitch accordingly. However, I kept purling like I used to when I knit combined. That resulted in a twisted stitch.

Take a look at the video on this site regarding purling and make sure you are wrapping your stitch the correct way. This will clear up the twisted stitch issue.