Continental speed?

How long does it take to pick up this continental speed that I hear so much about? I really like it a lot, and it’s making my stitches a ton more even (though maybe they’re all over a little bit more loose, but my knits were way too tight anyhow, I think) ButI’m going pretty s-l-o-w-l-y … lol Maybe it’s just that I started to be pretty fast and extremely comfortable with English, so this is just awkward? Anyhow, I have about 2 1/2 inches done on my sock (and it’s taken like three times as long as I normally would) How long do you think before I’ll get decently quick!!!

well learning a different style of knitting is pretty much starting from the beginning. Remember when you first started, and think about when you finally got your niche and felt comfortable. It will probably take the same amount of time to reach a comfort zone, and then a bit longer to gain your speed. It COULD even take a bit longer since you may have to re-train your knitting quirks. What works for some people doing English, may not work for them in continental.

It will come if you keep at it tho!

Like starting over?

lol :lol:

I figured it was probably true, but secretly hoped that there’s some miraculous Continental knitting secret where, after three inches in the round, I suddenly gain lightning speed. No such luck. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

haha I know. What a tempting thought, right! ha.

I have been wanting to learn English to make colourwork easier… All my current projects tho have a deadline, so it will have to wait.

Maybe for my 1yr knitiversary I will give myself the gift of learning English.

If it’s any consolation, it didn’t take me very long to learn continental, and within a few days I was very comfortable and had a pretty decent speed going. I finished 2 scarves in a week, with only knitting a few hours every day.

I knit continental and am very slow. If continental is supposed to be faster, I can only imagine how slow I would be knitting English style.

I’ve always said that speed has nothing to do with the way you knit. It’s just how comfortable [I]you [/I]are with the way [I]you[/I] knit. There are fast English knitters, and fast Continental knitters. I think the world champion speed knitter knits English, so go figure :shrug:.