Continental purling

i’m a new knitter, and using the videos clips on KH, i’m now knitting continental. but…my purling seems to be significantly looser than my knitting. is this something that as i practice, it will get better???


:thumbsup: yep, for some reason I think purling is harder to get down (tension wise) with continental knitting… it took me awhile to get the tension even with the knit stitch…I also use my thumb to wrap the yarn around instead of the middle finger…I think that helped me out a bit…

When I learned to purl, I practiced by purling every row (as opposed to knitting every row). It ends up looking just like knit garter stitch. As I went, I could see the difference in my stitches; they tightened up and became more uniform. It just takes lots of practice. I didn’t start out making anything; I just wanted to practice. I think I actually ended up frogging my practice piece and reusing the yarn on an actual project. :slight_smile: