Continental Purling Question

I am trying like crazy to teach myself to knit. I have crocheted so long that the only way I can knit is the continental method. One question though. How do you get the yarn to the front when you start purling? :??

Have you watched this? I don’t knit continental, but I wasn’t sure if you’d watched the video.

Yes, try the video. They are very good and easy to follow.

BTW…I used to crochet, but I find english method easier. It took me a few tries, but I love it now.

See, I am a crocheter, too. I could not figure out English method for the life of me. I love continental knitting. These videos did wonders for me. Definitely try them out! :thumbsup:

I have watched the videos and understand how to purl, but how do you move the yarn to the front?

Just move it between the needles and start using it from there. I guess we didn’t answer your original question at all, huh! :wink:

You just move it between the 2 needles without wrapping it around the needles.