Continental Purl


All my knitting life I have knitted English style however recently I have developed some pain in my right wrist so have decided to give Continental style a try. I wrap the yarn around my little (pinkie) finger and over my index finger. I have found practising the knit stitches easy and have gotten quite fast at those but I’m really struggling with purl (particularly purling the first stitch). I just can’t get the hang of pushing the yarn down after wrapping it round the needle. Has anybody got any tips to make it easier?


I am knitting Continental Combined style. For me Combined knitting solves the purl problem. In this video you find a demonstration of what Continental Combined knitting is all about. It is not the best tutorial about the topic, but maybe the best demonstration of the concept itself.


That looks like it might be just what I need! I’ll give it a try. Thanks.