Continental or English?

When I was taught how to knit when I was young, everyone who ever showed me had the “english” way of knitting. I’ve always knitted the “continental” way even though I had no idea that that was what it was called. I’m ambidextrous so my teacher at the time said I must be more of a lefty. :thinking:

Either way, I was wondering how many of you are continental knitters and how many are english knitters. I’ve tried knitting the english way and for me, it’s so difficult to the point that I can’t even do it. I’m so glad this site has videos that show both ways. It’s so helpful! :thumbsup:

:XX: Lisa

Continental knitter here. I taught myself to knit with the English method and Amy taught me to knit conti style and I’ve stuck with it :thumbsup:

English for me…I can crochet, but for some reason cont is just too awkward for me.

English, here. I’ve tried conti, but it just doesn’t feel like knitting to me, since I knit English for so long.

I’m the opposite of Ingrid… :wink: Tried English, just can’t do it, it doesn’t feel right to me. Continental knitting is in my blood. :smiley:

I was taught Continental at a knitting class I took, but my mom (who I didn’t even know could knit!) switched me over to English before I poked my own eye out with one of my needles out of frustration.

Now that I know what I’m doing, I went back and tried Continental, which I found I could do, but I’ve stuck with English!

Started out continental, but it just didn’t click till I tried english. Now I only use continental if I’m doing fair isle and then I use both hands. :wink:

English here. That’s the way I was taught, although I think the women who taught the class actually knit Continental. I’m guessing that English is easier to teach - I was never actually taught how to hold the yarn, either, so my style is pretty much a mess…I don’t wrap the yarn around any of my fingers, I just throw it - because a person “throws” the yarn and it seems easier to make the stitches to me.

Anyway, if I get the set of videos for my birthday (which I have asked for!!!), I’m hoping that once I get all of my gifts made I will be able to play around with the Continental style, as everyone says it’s so much faster.

left handed conti knitter here! my instructor told me that if i was at all ambidextrous it was better to learn to knit right handed so others could help me if i needed it…and since i am, that was how she taught me. :thumbsup:

though i think i do purl in a weird hybrid of both. :??

English for me. I tried to do the continental method, but I just can’t get the feel of it.

Miccisue, I never quite mastered how to hold the yarn, either, so I guess I’m also a thrower. I’ve watched people guide the yarn around the needle so gracefully, and I want to be able to do that so bad, but somehow, I always end up throwing it. Oh, well. As long as I enjoy my knitting, I guess that’s all that matters. :smiley:

Conti! :thumbsup: I’ve crocheted forever and was so used to holding the yarn in my left hand that doing that when knitting just felt natural. I actually don’t mind knitting English, but my stitches are too tight. I suppose they might loosen with practice, though.

I’m a convert…

Always knitted English style… but it just took me SOOOO long…

I then learned Continental from Amy’s videos… now I FLY!!!


English all the way! I CAN knit continental, but I’m not quick and I don’t enjoy it. It irritates my finger that the yarn slides over and my tension is horrible.

Been a crocheter since I was nine, so when I took up the needles, Continental was the way to go.

I learned the English method in 8th grade Home Economics, and between it being so slow and always having those way-too-slippery aluminum needles sliding right out of the stitches, I abandoned knitting and began crocheting… until this spring. After discovering KH and Amy’s videos (and bamboo needles), I learned the Continental method and it’s like I’ve found a new friend!

Hurray for!!! :cheering:

I use the “English” method and suspect that 90% of Kiwis who knit do. I’m
quite cautious and like to try one new technique at a time so will give it a
go later but will probably find it hard as I struggle with crochet. Have
taught myself how to crochet a chain but am lost after that. For those
who can knit both ways which method do you think would be easier for
someone who has problem with carpal tunnel or is it much of a muchness? :thinking:

I prefer to knit English/Lever. I knit left handed. I taught my daughters both different ways so they could choose. One knits left handed Continental (holds the yarn in her right hand) the other knits right handed Continental.

Mama Bear

I would say that Continental is easier.

I am able to knit for much longer with Continental, than I can with English.

I knit Continental style. I do not remember when I learned how to knit. :?? My mom use to crochet and I do remember well her sitting me down and teaching me how to crochet and I got it right away while my sister couldn’t get it.

I’ve only been seriously knitting for the past two years. I dabbled in it on and off many years ago but never got beyond very basic. :XX: :XX:

I started out using English and switched to Continental… I liked it better but I do sometimes still knit English if I’m helping my mom or SIL… thats how they knit so if I show them something my way I loose them :rofling: and if I’m knitting something that uses more than one color I carry yarn in both hands and knit both ways… I do think continental is easier and is my preferred choice :thumbsup: