Continental novice needs help!


This is my first post to the forum! Thanks in advance for the supportive community.

I am a continental knitter. I’ve knit lots of ski hats, scarves, etc. with multiple yarn colors, shaping, etc. - but I’ve never followed a pattern!!!

Now I am trying to make a roll neck sweater for my 20 month old son. It is Knitting Pure & Simple Pattern 214. It starts near the neck knitting in the round. I casted on, and have knitted a couple of rounds per the instructions (with stitch markers and increases), but now I’ve come to something that stumps me. They want me to “cast onto the right tip of the needle 8 stitches and join the work into a a round”.

  1. How do I cast on when I already am knitting?
  2. Since I knit continental I assume I need to cast on to the left, not right tip (once I figure out how to do it!).

I appreciate your help. I am so excited to keep going!


I don’t have the instructions, but it sounds like you are not supposed to have joined yet. It sounds like you are supposed to knit several rounds back and forth and then when you come to the end of the round cast on the right tip, which is the tip the yarn is coming from. You can do it by looping the yarn, then joint to knit in the round and the stitches will be knitted the end of the round when you come to them again. Without seeing it I don’t know why they are having you do this.

  1. How do I cast on when I already am knitting?

[I][B]You shouldn’t be working in the round yet. You should be knitting rows, not rounds[/B][/I]

  1. Since I knit continental I assume I need to cast on to the left, not right tip (once I figure out how to do it!).

[I][B]Knitting continental only means that you hold your yarn in your left hand – you will still be casting on to the right tip of the needle. After you cast on the 8 stitches you will join your piece to work in the round. Use a backwards loop technique to do your cast on – the video for that cast on is here. Scroll down til you see "Single Cast On.[/B][/I]

They’re right, if it didn’t say to join right after the original cast on, you should be working in rows. Rather than the backwards loop CO, I prefer the knitted or cable cast ons which you have to swap hands to do on the left needle (where your yarn is) then you turn and put it into your right hand and then join to work in the round.


Thanks for all of the help. I’ll double check the pattern when I get home! (at office now). Great forum!

Looks like I might have some pulling out to do :doh:


Knitting Pure and Simple has a top down tutorial too, that you might want to take a look at-it’s very helpful and takes you step by step through the process of knitting your first top own sweater.

I am 95% sure that is the place I saw it anyway-yep here it is!

good luck!


AMAZING HELPFUL TIP! Thanks so much. This is exactly the sweater I am making. I was actually thinking that I would pay more for a pattern that had photos and and more description, but here it is for free!

Thanks again, this combined with the tips above should really help.


I wish I were home to knit now!