Continental knitting 'Problem'?

Hello everybody.

I learned knitting from my grandma who does it with the yarn over her right index finger but I never could wrap my head around it so I always had the yarn on my left index since it was a lot easier to grab it with the needle.

Found out today that my style is called continental.

My ‘problem’ now is… apparently I’m twisting my stitches since I always knit through the back loop. Purls seem to be normal since I do them through the front loop.

Now I wonder… is that ‘bad’ depending on what I want to knit? Should I try and make myself knit through the front loop? Or is that not that bad?

Hi Ruka,
Twisting your stitches will make your stitches look different and the finished product different as well. If what you are producing looks the same as everyone else’s then its fine. I would take a look at Amy’s videos. You may just have to make a small adjustment.

If you want them to look twisted, it’s fine. If you want them straightened out, wrap the yarn in the opposite direction (from the work outward.) Took me years and several instructors to figure that out :stuck_out_tongue: When you’re working in the round, wrap the way you do now and it’ll keep them going right.