Continental Knitting is befuddling me

I’m an english knitter - learned from this site no less. However, the siren song of the continental method finally got to me and I decided to get it a try. Complete and utter failure. I try to hold the yarn w/ it wrapped around my pinky then up the back of my knuckles, but I can’t keep the tension right because it doesn’t “pinch” tightly between my pinky and ring finger.

Even more annoying is the fact that I can’t seem to catch the yarn on the ( using the altered nursery rhyme )“up over the back” back. By the time I get to the “peek through the window” bit, it’s no longer on my right needle.

I’ve been using the video from Knittinghelp and the demo video done by the owner of CityKnitting( a youtube video that was linked here a while back ).

By the time I get to the “peek through the window” bit, it’s no longer on my right needle.

Try a sharper angle between the yarn and the needle (move the back end of the needle more towards the yarn).

The one thing I remember most from Maggie Righetti’s book [U]Knitting in Plain English[/U] is the instruction to go ahead and stretch that stitch right on open, to make it easier to pull the “hooked” yarn back through. I’m not talking about stretching it wide enough to drive a car through, just not being afraid to really manipulate that hooked yarn and bring it back through. There’s more of a flexing motion involved with the right wrist than I had imagined when I was learning.

I’m originally an English knitter who learned Continental from this site. I can’t pinch the yarn either. When I wrap it twice around my pinky, I let the yarn sit on top of itself which makes it catch. And to feed more yarn through, I stretch my pinky out and bring it back in. (Does that make any sense?) I tried running the yarn over my back knuckles, too, and had trouble with it. You might run it up the inside of your fingers instead. As for loosing the yarn, angle your right needle down more when you go to bring it back through. That might help keep a grip on the yarn.

Taso, howdy,
Are you familiar at all with crocheting?
I hold my yarn the same way for knitting continental that I do for crocheting.
Sometimes, especially when the yarn is thin or slick, I will wrap it around my pinky, then up under my fingers and then double wrapped over my index finger. For thicker yarn I’ll just wrap it around my pinky finger.
I do it this way… from the ball to the pinky wrap it around the pinky, up under the middle 2 fingers up between the index and middle finger, around the index finger once or twice depending on the weight of the yarn being used.

Sometimes when I would do thread crochet I would double wrap both my pinky and my index, just to make sure that the cotton didn’t slip and I ended up with a huge chain or something.

I had the exact problem initially when I tried Continental knitting. What I found worked for me was to hold the yarn looped over my middle finger and around my pointer finger so there is still some tension but also some give. That worked WONDERS for me!

Good luck! :hug:

Thanks for all the suggestions. I sat down last night and gave it a shot and I think I have the form down even if my tension is a little messy. The knits and purls weren’t very uniform but I’m hoping that will come with practice!

Thanks again!