Continental knitting demo - YouTube

Found this lovely tutorial… :blooby:


Hey! That’s Lorilee, my LYS owner (City Knitting)! Yay! Didja know she designed the scarf for Interweave Knits’ Spring issue?

The Chameleon Scarf. I saw one in person…very cool! :wink:

I wasn’t going to watch but I’m glad I did.
Her technique is like I do but she does a great job of explaining the “why” for all the little things. I’m one of those who needs to know “why” about everything.

I have seen that video before. I didn’t realize that Amy’s video was there also for the continental style. Ya just can’t keep a good video down.:woot:

Excellent explaination of continental! THanks! (Just wish the camera angle was down a little more. I kept wanting tograb the screen and pull it down cuz the top was cut off :teehee:)

That’s the video that finally got it to “click” for me, she did a really nice job on it :smiley: