Continental Knitters -- How do you hold your yarn?

I’m curious about how you all hold the working yarn. Do you wrap it around your finger? Weave it through your fingers? Or, some combination of the two? Or something else?

I used to wrap the yarn around my index finger, but found that the yarn would sometimes get “stuck” and I’d frequently have to pull on the yarn and adjust things. So, lately, I’ve just been weaving the yarn though my fingers – under my ring finger, over the top of my middle finger and then up and over my index finger. It still seems little awkward (I don’t feel like I have as much control over the yarn), but the yarn flows smoothly and I’m getting used to it.

Before I get too used to it, however, I’d like to know if there is a better way. Plus, I’m just interested to hear about how others hold the yarn – what you do and how it works for you.

I am new to sewing but I think it works bet to combine the two. I have found it easier for me if I wrap it once around my pinkie and then weave through my fingers and wrap once around my index. I do have to readjust occasionally if the yard gets stuck in my fingers but the stitch stays as tight as I like it to be.

Sometimes I can even just wrap it two times around my index but the same re-adjusting applies though.

I wrap it around my pinkie (at the base), over the ring, under the middle, over the index. Works for me!

Try completely wraping once around your pinkie and then come uder the rest of your fingers and loop over your index. I have been trying this and I think it works the best.

I had to go find my knitting and see I couldn’t remeber… :teehee:

I wrap mine once around the pinkie but then it goes over the top of my ring/middle/index finger… my index finger is also straight up lol I just grap it with the needle and go… it took me awhile to figure out how I wanted my yarn to go… try different ways or you might be like me one day you just pick it up and it works… you have no idea how you found that way to hold your yarn… :rofl:

This is how I do it too, but I’m very new to this and only started knitting Conti as part of the KH August Challenge KAL, so I’m still working it out too.

I ran into the same adjustment issue you mentioned too Amber and I’m still trying to find a good way to keep the yarn flowing smoothly because I was so accustomed to it being at just the right tension when I knit with my right hand (throwing).

I wrap once around my palm, and then around my index finger, adjusting the number of wraps for the way the yarn moves. :slight_smile:

I do it exactly like Amy does in the continental videos – at first I was like, “huh? how does she do that so effortlessly?” but then one day it clicked and I do it the same way, effortlessly. :smiley: Wrap around the pinky once (knitting) or twice (purling), across the next 2 fingers then over my index finger.

This is exactly what I do, too :cheering:

Renoah I just had to say that your signature is HILARIOUS!! :roflhard:

Okay, I’m going to have to try this pinky wrap thing. So, you don’t find that it causes the yarn to drag or get stuck at all?

Why thank you, dear. I’ve been admiring your adorable dancing avatar for a while now. :slight_smile:

Not usually, if flows quite nicely. Mine will get stuck now and then, but it’s not often, usually if I have an excess of yarn pulled from the ball.

I wrap instinctively because of my crochet habit (I said the C word), and I find that the drag is really yarn dependent…like the cotton I’m working with right now catches something awful! But I do the same finger positioning with some wool I’m using and it slides beautifully.

Since you started this post though Amber, I’ve been paying more attention to my knitting “stance” in general to make sure I"m not too tense, and trying to find a hold that allows the most continuous stitches to flow off my needles (including moving new stitches down the right hand needle to make room).

Thanks for inspiring some reflective knitting! :heart:

No loops.
The yarn lies over my forefinger, under the middle finger, over the ring finger. Forefinger held fairly low over the needle – not up in the air.
As a result, my knitting is loose and relatively relaxed, with just enough control to keep it fairly even. I like the yarn to flow as evenly as possible, with as few stops to adjust it as possible.

That sounds similar to the way I’ve been doing it. I like the way the yarn flows so smoothly, but I don’t feel like I have as much “control.” Maybe that will come with time as I get more used to it. :thinking: It seems like my individual stitches come out less even, but overall, my knitting is more even, if that makes sense. :?? I’m wondering if it’s because differences in humidity or something affected my tension more when I was wrapping, so big sections of my knitting would end up being at the wrong gauge…

Hmmm…I’m going to have to play around a bit with holding the yarn different ways to see what works best.

Thanks for all the input everyone!! :muah:

I knit English, so I don’t know if that make a huge difference here or not, but I don’t wrap my yarn at all. I have had knitters in the past tell me that I should, but my tenson is even and that’s what important. I do knit a little loose but not really that much. I rarely have to go down more than 1 needle size. Wrapping just doesn’t feel right to me. I think that’s part of the reason that I have had trouble with getting the hang of Continental. I stopped working on it because I need to hurry up and finish these projects for Christmas, I have a lot to do.

Thanks MAmaDawn. I’m not sure if the Continetal/English thing matters or not. That’s good to know that you can get a nice, even tension w/o wrapping. How funny that people would tell you that you need to wrap – if it’s working for you why change?!

I would actually like to learn to knit English since I’ve heard that when you do Fair Isle it’s helpful to be able to knit with both hands at once. Every time I’ve tried though, I feel like the needles are going to fall right out of my hands. Ugh. It’s hard to change what you’re used to – it feels like I’m learning to knit all over again!!

I wrap it once or twice around the pinkie, under the ring finger, across the top of the middle and index fingers. I separate my pinkie and ring fingers to release tension for more yarn, and adjust the position of my index finger up or down to adjust tension if I get too much yarn at once.

I’m also planning on learning to knit English in the near future. I learned Conti about a month ago (before that, I was doing sort of a left-handed English style thing), and I love it! :happydance: