Continental kitting question

If, when you long tail cast-on you are actually knitting the stitches onto the needle, could you then also purl them on?

I experimented with this and I think it works, but I am still very green and I can’t really tell if I am getting a correct purl, or a twisted purl.

The way that I did this was by doing it backwards, and going for the yarn under the forefinger first, rather than under the thumb. Is this something that is done and accepted, and if not, is it because it is technically incorrect and can lead to problems later (like twisted stitches)?

That is a tutorial for the purl version of the long tail cast on.

Wow! That is exactly what I did. I can’t believe I figured something out on my own.

I am still such a beginner (so much so that I found out just a few days ago that I have been twisting all of my purl stitches and that is why I was unsure about this cast on purl issue).

Thanks for posting that. Now I just need to actually complete a project instead of only doing practice swatches.