Continental Cast On

Does anyone know a good tip for estimating how much yarn you need per a certain amount of stitches? I hope that makes sense.

You mean the Long tail CO? I think it’s about 3 times your knitted width. So for 8" wide, you’d want about 24" of yarn.

Yep that exactly. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I do about a 1/2" per st for something with very fine yarn and small needles, such as socks, about 1" for worsted weight, and about 1.5 - 2" for heavy yarn or very big needles. That’s for the tail, so in other words, let’s say I’m making a worsted weight sweater and I need to cast on 80 sts. I would roughly measure out 80" and then begin casting on at that point in the yarn. You will often end up with a bit left over but better safe than sorry, and also, if it is something such as a sweater, I use the tail for at least the first few inches of the seam. That way I don’t have a knot at the bottom of the sweater, instead, it’s hidden part way up. Hope that makes sense!

About 3 times the width of what you are casting on works 90% of the time…

but if you are casting on a huge number of stitches (100 +)
a good idea is to use 2 balls of yarn, or both ends of 1 ball of yarn (center pull and outside)

Use 1 ball as thumb yarn, 1 ball as index yarn

tie the two yarns together in a double slip knot (DON’t count the double slip knot)

then cast on, and never run out of yarn for the tail

Cut tail (thumb yarn) when done.

On first row (or before closing into round,) drop the double threaded slip knot (no the cast on will not undo!)

DISADVANTAGE: 3 tails to weave in

ADVANTAGE: You never run out of tail! you always have enough!

I read somewhere to wrap your yarnloosely around the needle your going to use once for every stich, then add a few extra wraps for good measure. If you’re going to cast on (c/o) 40 stitches, wrap your needle 40 times then add 2 or 3 wraps to be on the safe side, then that’s where you’d start your c/o. It’s worked good for me so far; but, I haven’t used it on very large projects.