Contiguous Sleeve Construction

I am challenging myself…perhaps beyond my current skill level. Nevertheless, this is the Diary Cardigan by Anke Strik. The pattern calls for contiguous sleeve construction and german short rows. I am practicing on scrap yarn until I fully understand what the hey I am doing here. The pattern begins with the collar and then forms a yoke. Then, there is a second set of increases—and where I am confused.

My markers are as follows: green, German short row turn point; red, shoulder marker; pink, back marker.

The area of the pattern marketed in yellow indicates that I sM, k1, M1lk… but there is no indication of the first set of instructions… k1, spl, k slipping first marker until the red shoulder marker. Is this just assumed on the part of the pattern designer? Bit confused here and would appreciate some expert feedback. :scream:

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The pattern @Ravelry

Ankestrick’s patterns work beautifully but you do have to get used to the style that she uses. I certainly did.
For the line in yellow, the grey italics "garter front rs, " refer back to the first row under Increases at the top of your photo. Work the “(garter front rs=) k1, slp1, k to M, sM, k5, p2” where you see the garter front rs at either the beginning of the row or the end of row.

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:upside_down_face::upside_down_face: Thank you! After I read it three or four times, I kind of figured this was what was happening and really appreciate your confirmation. I am totally gobsmacked by her designs!! So pretty. Guess I’ll forge ahead and learn her methods as I go. You,@salmonmac, and scrap yarn mock-ups are my salvation. :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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The scrap yarn was an excellent idea. Good for you. You’re set to go!