Conti K - English P - and Trapped Ulna Nerve


I’ve been having a bit of bother lately with a trapped Ulna nerve in my left arm and hand, so I want to make the most of my now (limited) knitting sessions.

I’ve fool - oops - experimented with different knitting methods, English, Conti and Combined.

My normal way of knitting is ‘Shetland’, where you use two long, straight needles and stabilise the right needle under your arm. Just scroll down the link a bit and you’ll see a drawing of it.

Anyway, I’ve found the most comfy, and hopefully, least damaging, way to knit is to:- Knit Continental and Purl English, using a circular needle. For some reason, holding a long knitting needle in my left hand is giving me grief but using a circ. makes things easier.

The Combined method didn’t suit at all - my right wrist felt as if it was permanently rocking backwards and forwards and became quite painful. Here’s a demo of Combined knitting (there’s not too much on the web demonstrating this technique). Amy has videos and there’s this as well:

I’m finding that knitting this particular way, causes some rowing out as in:

Question is - how much does it matter if the front part of the garment seems ok? My rowing out isn’t as extensive as the swatch in the photo.

I find that my purl stitches are a bit more loose than normal, so I tighten them up a bit.

Here are some pics of Eastern Uncrossed Combined:

If anyone has any tips or advice, it would be good to hear from you.

All the Best