To celebrate the birth of my baby website, I’m inviting you to participate in a contest. Come on over and win a free pattern by um…helping me name it. You guys come up with great names and my mind is a blank for this one. So enter!

I’m gonna win cuz I just know that I answered firstest!!! :thumbsup:


LOL. You did answer first. So far, I like all the names I’ve received. I think I’ll do this with every pattern from now on!

[color=blue]Was I second… hmmm hmmm? was I? :cheering: lol.

southern maine[/color]

My idea is sent. :wink:

That is purty! :wink:
I liked your Twisty Toasty - - does it go pretty fast?? I’m still a couple of Christmas presents shy…

Anne–yes, you WERE second.

Keep the names coming!

Rebecca–yes, Toasty Twisty is pretty fast. Two or three evenings ought to do it.

I wish I could’ve named Chloe! I LOVE that pattern!!!

My submission has been…well…submitted. :shifty:


I couldn’t get through on your website to enter so i sent you a PM here. Is that ok??


Yes, I got it. I wonder why it wouldn’t let you through?

Don’t worry. There’s another lacy shawl on the drawing board which will result in another contest. :wink:


I should have said - i couldn’t get through because of things on MY end, not yours. It links us directly through a stupid email program that always ends up freezing the computer.

Sorry if i confused you!


My name, [size=1]ahem, the best one[/size], has been sent :wink:

[color=indigo]I saw that!

Hee! My name is the [size=7]BEST[/size]one for sure!
Modest? Me? Ha![/color]

I love all the names! Good thing it’s a random drawing or I wouldn’t be able to choose!
I wonder what names I would have gotten if I’d hung it on a nail?

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :roflhard:

Took me a while, but I finally came up with something! Guess I wasn’t feeling too creative today.

All the name suggestions so far are just fantastic.
Even if you already submitted one but think of something else before Monday, go ahead and enter again. :thinking:

I’ll be drawing the winning name out of the hat tomorrow. :cheering:
I love all the names submitted. (There is still time to submit more though!)


I sent you a couple more via PM here.


Got 'em; threw 'em in the hat! :smiley: