Contemplation of Needle sizes

I am Canadian…

I am young enough that I have grown up Metric.

But…after searching through patterns, and purchasing needles and doing all the things us knitters do…I find that the Metric needle sizes are really the best way to go.

I try to say this in the most unbias way…

US sizes ignore several sizes…(I can’t get 7mm needles at a Walmart or Michaels) and old english sizes just seem way off.

Does anyone else feel this way…?

Here in Brazil our system is nice: a needle 3 is size 3mm, a 2 is 2mm, a 5 1/2 is 5,5mm!

Easier that way - so everything is clear

I’m American, living in Canada for only 2 years. I’ve just begun knitting, so not much experience yet. I find myself thinking in American sized needles, then translating to metric…or vice versa LOL. Most patterns I find call for American sized needles. I do wish they’d just stick with one sizing method though. Metric is certainly more logical, and I have noticed there’s more metric sizes than American sizes. As long as I have my needle sizer, I’m fine either way :waving:

Yes, it’s too bad that years ago the American manufacturers decided to jump from 10.5/6.5mm to 11/8mm. I’d always wanted a size in between and when I started up knitting again 3 years ago, I discovered metric sizes. I’ve bought several pairs from ebay, most from The prices are good, shipping is generally about $2 or so and it only takes about a week.

i dislike american sizing it doesnt make sense.

I have always wondered why on earth there is such a huge size difference between 10.5 and 11 in american sizing!

I’m Canadian too- and I grew up metric just like you! I find that the metric sizes make most sense, but that I need to know both because of the US patterns. Generally I think I know the US ones, only because they’re mentioned more, especially on here. I had an issue at my LYS the other day because we were discussing sock needles and had some confusion when we were talking sizes. I wish there was one universal sizing!