Construction of a Sock

Is there a generic recipe for making a sock. I hope if I can understand why one does a certain thing during the pattern, that if and when I make a mistake, I can know more what it will look like! Would love to knit my 1 year-old grandson some bright red socks for his birthday in August. Thanks so much–I love this site so much!

Ellen, there are many places here on the net for tutorial in sock making. If you would have a look at the videos that Amy has made for us you will find some info there and I will gather some up for you, as well. you will find a lot of info here a very useful article
another must read and another tutorial yet another!! some helpful videos,2046,DIY_18180_36323,00.html and the last one…the videos on this show launched my sock knitting ‘addiction’ about 6 months ago lol!
Please don’t hesitate to ask me if I can be of any assistance, just email or pm me or ask anyone around here and we will all try to help you out :smiley: . Sock knitting is BUNCHES of fun and very addicting!
If you are not familiar with dpns I suggest that you buys a set of larger ones (around sizr 6 to 8) that are made out of bamboo or wood (so that the yarn isn’t slippy on the sticks) and practice getting used to the dpns; then play around with the same ones and practice some of these sock techniques in this info that you have before you begin your 1st pair and this will make your 1st sock experience much more pleasant and fun :smiley: . I’m always just THRILLED to hear of someone that wants to learn to make socks. It’s really quite easy…just remember you are always working with 2 needles at a time, no matter how many you have on your sock.
Have fun :wink:
:waving: bye for now

Ellen, Rebecca is going to become your new best friend…she is our resident sock GURU and even had her own design published recently!! :cheering:

I was knitting a lot of baby socks lately…knitting for the little ones is so fun since it goes way more quickly than an adult size sock! I finish a pair of baby socks in about 2 1/2 hours.

I learned to knit socks from Silver’s tutorial HERE. It was easy to understand and has lots of pictures. Plus, Silver is a mod here, so if you have trouble, you might be able to coax her into helping you!

The baby sock pattern I used is just your basic baby socks. I found the pattern well written and easy to follow. She also has some free patterns for toddler socks.

Good luck!

This sock chart is a great tool for making socks in almost any yarn, and for any person.

If you need any help, I’d be happy to answer questions. I LOVE knitting socks! :slight_smile:

:inlove: :inlove: ohhhh, thank you, thank you, thank you for that chart Silver! I don’t have it yet, but I think it will come in VERY handy!!!

You’re welcome. It is pretty neato. I have it printed out and in a page protector. It’s such a clever little chart!! :cheering:

Hey Ya’ll, I included Silver’s tutorial…lol…I surely wasn’t gonna leave it out…that would be very nice of me; here’s every tutorial, except for my friend Silver’s :roflhard:
Thanks for the chart Silver, I usually use 5 dpns, but it will surely come in handy for using 4. I was reading a pattern yesterday (it was a stunning pattern) and this girl generally uses 6 dpns…I think there were the 6 on the sock!! WOW, 3 or 4 per sock is plenty for me :wink:
I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t leave Silver’s tutorial out…I give it to everyone :smiley:
:waving: bye…I’m headed back to bed; check on ya’ll later

I just had a thought when you said you are going back to bed, Rebecca!

Your DH’s next project could be setting up a wireless network and getting you a laptop. That way you can knit and check in on us all at once!!!

LOL, my post was at 5:30 this morning when I let the dog out and had to walk around bc my leg hurt and I have to do that off & on & I always check in…lol…That’s so right…I need my own knitting/computer network all right there in the bed & I can follow the doc’s orders to the letter!!! For real, the doc knows I have to get up & move around when I’m in a certain position too long…so I check on the forum…have too…lol!!

I noticed! Thank you! :heart:

Oh my goodness!! :happydance: I just saw all of your help and I’m dancin’ the knitting dance here in Virginia!! I’ve got some size 4 dps, and I’ve tried a sock–but I dropped some stitches, and then I got turned around at the heel turn. :crying: …so I thought I’d ask for some help. I really got it, and I SO want to thank you all. I can’t wait to knit a pair of little socks for my year old grandson. Then Christmas socks for ALL!! :cheering:

YAY for you! It will seem so easy once you get it that you’ll be suprised it ever seemed confusing.

If only you had a webcam so we could see you doing the knitting dance! :slight_smile:

:smiley: Sorry to post so soon again…but Rebecca–the first site I went to was the "cometosilver"
site for the online sock knitting course. The pictures are beautiful, as is the sock. :inlove: I think knitted socks are so beautiful–am I crazy or what! :?? My great grandmother and great aunt used to knit socks with what looked like a big spool of crochet thread and wooden needles they made from some small tree branches when I was a little girl (long, long ago). I dont’ know if that’s why socks beckon to me, (because I loved these 2 women so much!) but I just think they are a thing of beauty. And I think I’m in the very best place to learn how. :thumbsup:

OMGoodness, don’t apologize for posting so soon…or else I’m in big trouble bc I’ve forgotten to apologize for doing it a lot…lol!
I LOVE the look of knitted socks I love knitting socks more than anything else! It’s just plain fun to knit socks! I’ve been knitting a year and I have given away just about everything that I’ve made…but I keep most of my socks…lol! I just love them; everyone knows they’re pretty special if they get socks from me…lol! On that note, I have a very full sock drawer…lol!! I’m glad that you are finding help with what we have posted…don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything else :wink:

By the way, Silver, the Sock chart that tells you all about the sizes of the yarns , needles, etc. is really going to be a thing of beauty once I have it printed out and (yes, I am a copy-cat of good ideas) protected! I can dream of inventing my own sock one day, I guess.

I suppose it’s what i sorta had in mind when I stopped in to ask if any of you knew a “sock recipe”, and nobody acted like I was crazy!! :heart: I’m no good at math, but I think maybe it’ll help me once I can ever get the one sock actually made without frogging it a bajillion times. I don’t know why I keep either dropping stitches, or actually let them slip off the needles.
I feel like I’ve gotten hold of a baby porcupine!!! :rollseyes:

ellen, when I 1st started knitting socks and the sts were slipping off of the needles that I wasn’t using…I just put point protectors on those ends and if you don’t have enough point protectors, you can make one with a rubber band by just twisting it on the ends of the needles. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it beats having your sts fall off. Then, pretty soon you will get in the groove & not need to do that. (I said that, but I’ll still do it if I get a yarn that is too slippy). And once you get the basic sock down, you can go crazy with the leg and make up any kind of sock that you want, the 1st one that i did like that I just found a simple, very, simple lace pattern repeat and I put it on the cuff of my socks. I do stuff like that all the time now; it’s really quite easy…you just get that basic sock down…then go crazy making socks :wink: …I sure have I LOVE knitting socks more than anything else bc it’s FUN :smiley:
have a great weekend :wink:

Hi Rebecca–love the idea for the rubber bands–I think I’d heard that somewhere and forgotten it. Have you ever had to rip out Kitchener stitches?? :crying: I just did–NO FUN–but I wanted to get it right, and I finally did. :rollseyes: Boy–I hope it gets easier—I got SUCH a headache from concentrating so hard doing that little sock…and my hadaches are really, really BAD! It’s gonna get better and easier, and quicker–i know it! Thanks for the kind support you’ve given me. THis is such an awesome site–I just want to STAY here. :happydance: :waving:

Good!! We’ll keep ya!! And, yeah, I’ve ripped out every part of a sock…lol; that’s the worst! Glad I could help.