Constructing a cardigan (Sirdar 9316)

I’ve almost finished knitting my first garment - an open Cardigan/jacket in Sirdar Indir but have no idea how to construct it!

Do I need to overlap the seams as in sewing? What thread should I use and what stitch? I really don’t know what I’m doing!

Also, I’m not sure how much of the top row of cast off stitches for the front pieces should be joined to the back - it doesn’t look like the whole thing should be joined but I’m not sure.

If anyone can help or point me to a tutorial I’d be very grateful!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Look on the Tips page under Finishing for Mattress stitch. This butts the edges together somewhat; overlapping would make much too thick a seam. It should give a measurement or number of sts for the shoulder seam, or would be on those sts on the outside of the neck shaping.

Possibly the pictures on Ravelry (free to join) might help.
Check and see if you can figure out the length of the shoulder seam from the diagram.
When there’s no specified length, I approximately match up the sts of the fronts with the back and pin the seams in place with safety pins. Try it on and see if the neck is comfortable and of a size that seems right (not too big and not too small). For this sweater some of the cardigan front is going to hang as a kind of collar or flap so you’re going to have to see what suits you best.

Brilliant - thanks to you both for your help. It’s my first ever knitted it that isn’t a scarf, and has involved increases, short rows and all kinds of other things I had no idea how to do a week or two ago, so I want to make sure I put it together right! I’m still not sure the from bits are right as, despite the short rows, the shape of the diagram isn’t quite what I’ve got but I’ll see how it goes!