Consistent knitting/purling tension

Please help me. I have been knitting for many years, but as I get older I am finding that my knitting is very irregular, not consistent tension. Can someone please help me? I would be very grateful as this is really a huge problem as I can no longer use the straight stockinette stitch, and try to knit with a textured yarn to hide my uneven stiches. Please reply. Thank you very much. Hertha

What method do you use to knit? Do you wrap your yarn around your hand to provide more even tension? :thinking:

With stockinette stitch, I usually give each stitch a little tug when purling. I don’t tug on the knit rows - only on the purl rows. The purl stitches are usually more loose and this helps to even up my stitches. BTW, I knit English style and hold the yarn gently across my palm and through my ring and pinkie fingers for tension.

YOu might try needles made of bamboo, they’re not at all slippery. I have 1 pair of acrylic nasty plastic needles. I knit unevenly with them, and they make my hands go numb cause I can’t hold them with ease. Maybe this would help you.

Here is a knitting tension exercise I found the other day:

I haven’t been using it as a daily exercise per se, but I am trying to keep the principles in mind as I knit (esp. #3), and I think it’s actually helping my stitch consistency. Check it out! :x:

Depending on the yarn, I have this problem too…I usually wrap the yarn one extra time around my pinky finger when I’m purling, and that helps a lot.

Also, I’ve heard of people using interchangeable needles to help this problem – you put two different sized needle points on the cable, so for example you’d be knitting on the US5 end but purling on the US4. Neat trick. :thumbsup:

The thing that has helped me the most is switching to combined knitting. Doing the purling in that method makes the stitches so even.