Consistency in tightness

I"m a super beginner, I just started knitting a couple days ago, and I found that I"'m having a very hard time keeping consistent tightness. My main problem was that i had been making the yarn so tight that i couldn’t get my needle under it so i had to keep unravvling everything. So i’ve been trying to do it looser, but some are looser than others and it makes for a very messy looking project. Any tips on how I can make sure everything is nice and equal?

Pracite, that’s what will help it. Just keep at it, it will get easier and your stitches will more even.

Practice. It’ll even out eventually. I don’t know whether everybody is uneven to start with, but most of us are, for sure. The more comfortable you get with the process, the more you trust yourself that it really does work, the more even your product will be.

If you’re using washable yarn, a trip through the laundry will shake out a lot of unevenness. Of course, you could just do felted proijects for a while :smiley: I LOVE felting. It hides all my mistakes!

The more knitting you do, the more even the sts will be. You have to train your fingers to do a new thing (remember typing?) and it takes a while.