Considering cancelling an appt to go to the LYS >>>

tomorrow. I’m making the Clapotis with Fiesta Meteor and it’s making me nuts! I keep making mistakes and here I sit looking at an extra stitch wondering where it came from. (Harder for me to see with ribbon yarn too.) My LYS is closed on Monday, but by the time I get done with my acupuncture appt tomorrow, it will probably be closed.

What TO DO? I want to KNIT this thing. Sigh. For now, I guess I’ll just keep doing something mindless.

SOOOOO…should I just wait until Friday to see the acupuncturist and get my work going tomorrow or (BIG SIGH) wait until WEDNESDAY to figure out what the heck I did wrong?


My initial thought is to keep your appointment, but then I realized that I am considering leaving work early to make a trip to Goodwill across town. Eep!

You get to have an accupuncturist? (sigh) I live in the boonies. I’m not sure they even exist here!

My acupuncturist is a REAL M.D, too! :slight_smile: I’m going to (hopefully) get help with my fertility. It’s not cheap and I have no way of knowing if it will work, but there isn’t much I won’t try.

How far out into the boonies are you?

While I do find knitting to be very calming to the soul, it looks like you are putting leisure before health. I’d go to your accupuncture appointment and wait on the LYS help. (And meanwhile post pics over on the “help me” board and see if we can do it for you! :muah:

I just don’t “get” it. I can purl in the front or in the back, but I can’t see what I’m supposed to do for both. Otherwise, I’d actually be making some progress on this thing!

I’d guess a couple a hours drive to the nearest accupunturist. Never checked since I don’t have a good excuse to go. I’ve just always wanted to try it! LOL

To do a pfb, purl into the front leg of the stitch like usual, leave the stitch on the needle and purl through the back loop. It’s a little awkward the first dozen times but you get used to it. It’s similar to a kfb, also called a bar increase, but done on the purl side.