Connecting with circular needles

So I’m doing this pattern that I got off of for some boot/slippers and the soles are done separately, and then you connect the other color and start doing circular knitting around the sole. I get the idea but I’m confused by the directions.

Row 1 (rs): With mc, k 8([B]should I KO or CO, it doesn’t say[/B]). Do not turn, pu and knit through 2 ridges from edge of sole ([B]I don’t know if it matters where I start on the sole or not[/B]). You now have 10 sts. Turn.

Row 2 (ws): [p1, k1] across 10 sts. Do not turn, pu and purl through 2 ridges from edge of sole ([B]do I pick up the next 2 ridges directly next to the 2 ridges that I picked up from the first row[/B]). Turn.

When I try and follow the directions the way I think it turns out that the 10 sts are going away from the original ridges so when I try and pick up the next ridges in the next row theres like a hole and the sole is all stretched out. Can anyone help?

What were the instructions prior to Row 1? It seems that you should have sts on your needle already, knit 8 then pick up 2 sts from the edge of the sole. On row 2 you pick up at the other edge of the sts from where you picked up 2 on row 1.

I agree with what Suzeeq said. It seems like where ever you were when you finished the last thing they told you to do is where you start this next part. It doesn’t sound like you are knitting in the round at this point. They must not have had you bind off after the first step. Begin right where you were but with the color you want the top of the slipper to be. (I think you are working on the toe and then picking up stitches at the edge of the sole that are at right angles to the sole, like the picture of the side of the tall slipper right above the sole.) Knit the next eight stitches in front of you and then you are supposed to pick up a stitch from the end of each of the next 2 garter stitch ridges of the sole. That gives you 10 stitches. Then you turn and K1, P1 across the 10 stitches you have with that new color and then pick up 2 more stitches at the end of garter ridges by picking up as purls instead of knits. Then you turn again and do whatever it tells you to do next.

(do I pick up the next 2 ridges directly next to the 2 ridges that I picked up from the first row).

I don’t think so, you pick up on one side of the orginal 8 stitches then on the other end of them. They are not next to each other but at opposite ends of those 8 stitches that you first knitted. Like I said I think those 8 are centered over the toe.

I could be wrong about it being the toe, I’d have to have the pattern to read to know more, but I think that is it. I don’t think you would work in the round until you are past the ribbing part that is the foot and ready to do the garter stitch leg section. Even then they may have you do it flat and seam it. If you begin to work in the round they will use the phrase “join into the round” or something like that.

Yes, the toe area sounds likely, unless it’s a heel piece.

I can only second (and third?) what MErigold and Suzee have said that you are not joining in the round yet and are just picking up stitches at each end of your row to increase your overall stitch count (and i think it also fort of ‘folds over’ the toe are creating a pocket for your foot to go into.
But, i realy like the look of the pattern. Do you have a link to it i think i would like to try it some time.

It’s from and they’re called prairie boots. Thank you for your help!

That would make sense because it doesn’t say to bind off the sole so it must be at the toe because the toe ended with 8 sts. Thank you!

Okay, you just change yarn then and knit those 8 sts, picking up at each end so you form the toe and get the whole upper attached to the sole.