Connecting neckband pieces

Hi all! I have knitted up a nice vest, but the pattern called for a different approach to neckbands than I’ve done before, and now that it’s all done I can’t figure out how to assemble it.

I have rectangular pieces that extend up from the front button bands (one for each side of the vest of course). I can see how to sew the shoulder seams no problem, and the instructions then say “Sew center back seam on back neck band. Sew neck band along back neck” – but it seems as though the bands are too long for the amount of “back neckline” to which I should attach it!

Since everything else is fitting, I figure I must not be seeing how this should come together. (I can’t include a photo or link yet because I’m too new, but hope this explanation will help someone who’s used this technique before.) Thank you!

The retangular pieces extending up from the front button bands are the neck bands that finish off the front and back of the neck, one on each side, meeting at the center back. They may be too long and extend past the center of the back so that you’ll have to unpick the bind off and shorten them. The best way to tell how much to shorten is to join the fronts to the back at the shoulders and pin right band in place along one side of the front and then across half the back. Then pin left band along the neck at the front and around to the back, meeting up with the first band at the halfway point on the back. See if that lies flat and seems comfortable, not too tight and not too loose and floppy. If it fits nicely shorten the two rectangular bands until they just meet at the back and do a 3-needle bind off to join them at the center back. Now attach the band to the neck where it was pinned and there’s your finished vest.