Connecting Neck edge child’s vest

Child’s sweater vest: I have worked the “bs” dec 1 stitch on neck line then cast off. Here’s my problem-what is to the end in the following-next it says “with rs facing, working on rem 26sts, slip 14sts onto a stitch holder, rejoin yarn to rem 12 and knit to end. “
Does the end mean the end of the 12 stitches? Or do I included the neck edge to the top of the shoulder?

I’m confused with the next part but I’ll ask that in a second post. Thanks!

According to what you wrote you are going to slip the first 14 sts on a holder and rejoin the yarn anf knit the remaining 12 sts. It would be easier to answer your questions if you could provife us with the name and/or the link

The pattern is from Carousel Mayport DK–Jenny Watson designs, 10 Designs for all the Family. It’s called Tutti Frutti girls cardigan and top.