Connecting Boarders for baby shawl

Hi I hope someone maybe able to help, I have knitted a center piece 75cm X 75cm and 4 boarders for a baby shawl in Baby Merino 4ply . I am not sure which would be the best way to join them together.
They say to cast off and then sew together: however the seam is a bit tight although it fits. I am wondering should i try and knit the two together.
I look forward to some advice, its taken me 3 months to get this far. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH!
There are some choices depending on how the borders were made, I’m assuming the border bind off is to be joined to the edge of the shawl?
You could use mattress stitch to join them to the shawl. You could crochet the pieces together. You don’t have to know much crochet to do this.
I would prefer to knit the two together if you had live sts on at least one of them. That would mean possibly undoing the bind off on the border and you may not want to do that.
Some of these videos may help but there are plenty more for the above joins online:

There’s also a nice ~invisible join shown here, the Bickford seam.

Thank you for your reply.
The boarders still live stiitches on them, Im hoping by somehow knitting it will give more elasticity in the join. Thanks

That’s good that you still have live sts on the borders. You can pick up a stitch from the shawl edge and knit it together with one of the live border sts.
Pick up one stitch at a time from the shawl like this:

Or you can use something like this technique. Even if you’re joining to a different edge, this will work: